Win Retainers & Larger Recruitment Fees 
(Even If You've NEVER Done Retained Assignments Before)
Secure the Future of Your Recruitment Career or Business
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“There’s been an added value to our retained customers – they will now see more justification for the prices that we charge, because of improved retention results through i-intro®.”
James Moorhouse
Director, ABN Resources
Are You Always 2 or 3 Failed Contingency Assignments Away From Disaster?
Contingency fees are great when you're winning, but lean spells can strike without warning. Retained recruitment assignments, on the other hand, provide dependable, predictable income. And it's simpler than you think...
Transition from Contingency to Retained Recruitment
A complete roadmap to your smooth, rapid transition to a more dependable business model.
Intelligently Generate a Flood   of New Business Leads
While other recruiters bury their head in the sand, you’ll be safely securing your long-term future.
Command Higher Fees and Win More Business
The simple approach to closing clients on a higher-priced, exclusive, retained basis.
"We signed our first retained deal worth £60,000 just two weeks after starting to use i-intro®."
Justin Byrne
CEO, Certus Recruitment Group 
Book Your FREE Consultation and receive personalised expert guidance on how to stop competing on price and command above-average fees.
This is not a pre-recorded message or a group webinar. Your appointment will be a real, one-to-one meeting, personalised for your requirements, with ample opportunity to ask all your burning questions about the benefits of retained recruitment and how to make the transition quickly and smoothly.
“We’re a recruitment business that prides ourselves on quality and proof of delivery, and it just seemed like a very nice lead in to what is now, or what we perceive to be – the future of recruitment.
I would recommend it – but ideally I’d like to keep it just for us!” 
Chris Dickenson
Managing Director, The Advocate Group
“As a delivery platform i-intro® is absolutely superb because it enables you to control the whole process – and it’s easier for the recruiter, the client and the candidate, which is excellent.”
Mike Walmsey
CEO, Future Recruiters Ltd
“We bought i-intro® to differentiate the business after years of doing executive search; it takes away some of the ‘smoke and mirrors’ that traditional executive search practices operate with." 
Will Gardner
Managing Director, PIE Recruitment 
One-on-One Strategy Session 
Limited places available. Book early to avoid disappoinment. 
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